Cube is a prism

that neatly refracts reality. It is an instrument for practicing cultural engineering, the way we like to do it.
Cube is a multifaceted canvas, for artists to proclaim their vision.

Cube is a building block.

It is a social construction, architecture of the mind. It is two hands interlocked together to form a shelter, a community of equals.
Peers that share, with no schedule, and no sale.

Cube is looking for artworks:

digital, graphic, installations, music, painting, photography, sculpture, video, words.

Cube is expanding.

A brand new exhibition space on adds up to the 400 matte coated pages of the bookzine.

Cube is open.

This is an open call, everyone is invited. All submitted works will be perused and shall be eligible for publishing, on line or on paper.

Come as you are